Jack Parnell - Auditions on demand…call Jack, send copy…quick turnaround!

What We Do?

  1. Voice Over Talent

  2. Narration Copy Reads

  3. Music on Hold recordings

  4. Fully Equipped Private Studio
    •  RE20 MICs
    •  Mac-Pro Tools
    •  PC-Adobe Audition
    •  Music/SFX  Libraries
    •  Phone Patch
    •  CD Burner/duplicator

  5. Jack is also available for travel to other studios if needed, simply call Jack and tell him where to go!   

With more than 40 years of voiceovers under his vocal belt, Jack can give you the read you need, in less time than most… commercials, narrations, audio books, messages on hold, characters…he’s got it and you can get it!

General Demo

Music On Hold

The Best advertising is word of mouth…YOUR words and JACK PARNELL's mouth!



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Winner of the American Advertising Federation Silver Medal Award

Member of  Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame